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                           Largest Blue HPHT Synthetic Diamond examined by GIA. 

                           5:03 Carat Blue examined by GIA!        Blue Diamond


                          Internet freedom around the world has declined for the

                          fifth consecutive year, with more governments censoring

                          information of public interest and placing greater demands

                          on the private sector to take down offending content. The

                          goal of these restrictions is usually to protect powerful

                          figures and the official views on religion or morality that

                          may undergird leaders' popularity using legal USA shipping

                          services.    Freedom House Net Report



                         Transparency  International Country by Country Corruption

                         ratings only ranks the USA at 16th overall by those in power

                         & overall graft!  Denmark is ranked the best at number 1!   

                              Country By Country Corruption



                         Chinese Police Luxury Watch Corruption!  For several years

                         corrupt officials have been buying.  Police officials have been

                         illegally smuggling.  Huge amounts of stolen items from USA

                         using legal USA shipping services.    Luxury Watch Corruption



                            Luxury Watch Corruption was big $$$ on 'DarkNet' too!  The

                        FBI destroyed the 'Silk Road' which caused a huge problem for

                        sellers of stolen items to corrupt buyers.    FBI



                                     Hyper-accurate atomic clock won't lose a second in 15 billion years!    Atomic Clock



                        Gold plated Apple Watch or Buy with diamonds sometimes for

                        more than $100K!     Apple Watch



                       Chinese Banks a haven for Web counterfeiters!       Chinese Banks







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