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About the Store

Featuring from the Vallée de Joux - Switzerland, heart of the watch making industry: Berney-Blondeau • Claude Meylan • Chandler

We carry the largest selection of Claude Meylan, Berney and Chandler watches in the U.S.A.

Pocket watches • Women wristwatches • Women pendant watches

Mechanical Men's wristwatches including day-date, skeleton and chronographs.

Claude Meylan and Chandler are brands owned by Claude Meylan S.A. (Formerly Berney-Blondeau), a quality family run watch manufacture founded by Mr. Henri Berney in 1972 in L'Abbaye, Switzerland.
Berney-Blondeau was quickly a leader of quality fantasy watch style. Since 1980 the firm has diversified into making skeleton wristwatches, chronographs, pocket and complicated watches.

Berney, Chandler and Claude Meylan timepieces are recognized for their originality, quality and affordability.

All Claude Meylan and Chandler timepieces are manufactured in limited quantities. The brand Chandler is now reserved for the Ladies wristwatches and Pendants.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Satisfaction is always guaranteed. We are dedicated to providing wonderful customer service, which ensures repeat business and gives us the reputation for quality workmanship. Contact us today for more information on our unique watches! Toll Free 1-800-237-6398.

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