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Premium Watch Outlet
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About the Store

Premium Watch Outlet 244 5th Ave. Suite D244 New York, NY 10001 Phone: +1 877.278.8517  Int: +1 347.237.4112 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST Email:

Premium Watch Outlet is a new concept in the large ocean of online watch stores. We specialize in high-end Swiss timepieces with a strong emphasis on customer service. We keep our price points as low as possible with a "sell more for less" philosophy. We want to satisfy as many watch enthusiasts as we can!

That takes us the the present day, and the Grand Opening of Premium Watch Outlet "online". Our dedicated team looks name for ourselves through competitive pricing, choice selection and guaranteed authenticity. We have a shared passion for quality timepieces, and fine jewelry.

Some advantages of being an entirely online watch company, are low overhead and our relationship with multiple reliable suppliers. This is how we can compete with the "Big Boys", and provide the best overall value with our superior customer service. In fact we often beat so called "wholesalers" in price outright, not even considering our shipping and return policy.

We believe that this is a recipe for success and intend on supply our customers with quality Swiss watches for years to come. We know exciting it is to purchase a new timepiece, we look froward to sharing the experience with you.







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