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Watch & Luxury Item Collectors Should Join Us For Selling, Buying, Auctioning & Trading!


Private Sellers and Dealers Will Benefit From Our No Fees Policy!

 Luxury Watch Exchange (LWE) is the premier online auction site offering collectors worldwide a central FREE marketplace to auction or buy and sell their watches, wristwatches, pocket watches, timepieces, parts & accessories plus art, sports, jewelry, diamonds & ALL luxury items at no cost!   No final value fess on auctions or sales either. 

Sellers and Dealers should complete their 'Public Profile' within their 'My Account' to allow buyer review before purchasing!  Then each selling ad will have a link for the buyer to review.  Buyers DO need Seller information to buy!

                                                 Stores are limited & require a direct link icon with LWE - PLEASE email for approval!




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